Papalas Theodoros

Contact Info
Land line: +30 2310 996283
Fax: +30 2310 996184
Office: Laboratory of Petrochemical Technology, Chemical Engineering Dpt, Faculty of Engineering, Building D, 3rd floor, Room 323

Theodoros Papalas received his Diploma in Chemical Engineering in 2018 from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a GPA of 8.85 (Excellent, 3rd in a class of 120 students). He is currently a Ph.D. student under the supervision of Professor Angeliki Lemonidou at the Laboratory of Petrochemical Technology in the Chemical Engineering Department of the same institute. His Ph.D. thesis focuses on the experimental and computational study of the carbonate looping technology and its implementation in the CO­2 capture from industrial flue gases and intensified H2 production technologies.  His experimental work includes the development of CaO and MgO-based sorbents for high and intermediate temperature CO2 capture respectively by using low-cost raw materials, such as mineral ores and industrial wastes.

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

1. Τ. Papalas, Α.Ν. Antzaras, Α.Α. Lemonidou, Intensified steam methane reforming coupled with Ca-Ni looping in a dual fluidized bed reactor system: A conceptual design, Chemical Engineering Journal, 382 (2020) 122993

2. T. Papalas, A.N. Antzaras, A.A. Lemonidou, Evaluation of Calcium-based Sorbents Derived from Natural Ores and Industrial Wastes for High-Temperature CO2 Capture, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 59, 21, 9926-9938