Maria Tasioula


Office: Laboratory of Petrochemical Technology, Chemical Engineering Dpt, Faculty of Engineering, Building D, 3rd floor, Room 322

Maria Tasioula received her Diploma in Chemical Engineering on July 2020 from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.  On October 2020, she started as a PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof. Angeliki Lemonidou at the Laboratory of Petrochemical Technology.  Her PhD focuses on CO2 valorization through catalytic oxidative ethane dehydrogenation, combining experimental and computational work. The goal of her project is to develop active and selective catalysts in order to produce ethylene at relatively low temperatures and high yield, while, simultaneously convert CO2 almost exclusively to high added value CO.

The project is supported by Hellenic Foundation Research & Innovation (HFRI-FM17-1899).